Rusting brown Vegtan leather hand made strap – Rally strap

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Rally leather watch straps were originally designed to improve the comfort and breathability of leather straps in warm and humid conditions. The holes in the strap allowed air to circulate and reduced sweat accumulation on the wrist. They also added a sporty and distinctive look to the strap, making it stand out from the crowd.
Rally leather watch straps were often paired with chronograph watches, which were used to measure speed and distance in racing and aviation. Some of the most iconic chronographs that featured rally straps were the Heuer Carrera, the Rolex Daytona, the Omega Speedmaster, and the Breitling Navitimer. These watches and straps became symbols of adventure, speed, and style.
Today, rally leather watch straps are still popular among watch lovers who appreciate their history and aesthetics. They are also a great way to add some character and flair to your watch collection. You can find rally leather watch straps in various colors, sizes, and styles, from classic black or brown to more colorful options like blue or red. You can also customize the stitching, buckle, and rivets to match your watch case and dial.
Rally leather watch straps are not just accessories, but expressions of your passion for vintage cars and watches. They are a way to connect with the racing heritage of chronograph watches and to show off your style and personality. They are also comfortable, durable, and versatile. Whether you have a vintage or a modern watch, a rally leather watch strap will make it look even better.


Sourced from the Italian tannery in Tuscany region, the area between Pisa and Florence, from the tannery that is sharing our passion for vegetable-tanned leather and has high standards of production. It was founded in 1975 year.  Over the years the company philosophy has concentrated on continual technological innovation so as to produce a high quality product while safeguarding the environment.

The leather we use are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. It’s premium grade, full-grain leather which means that during production it has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed to remove natural markings or imperfections. These hides retain their entire thickness, including it’s top layer that contains the hide’s strongest fibers, that makes it durable and strong. It also saves its beautiful natural texture. Full-grain leather as well is highly breathable, which prevents excessive build-up of moisture from prolonged contact. As full-grain leather ages, it naturally burnishes and develops a highly desirable patina, a characteristic that other grades of leather do not possess.

Here are the main characteristics that distinguishes it among others:

  • the best durability properties among any other leather types
  • beautiful natural feel of touch
  • softness
  • diverse texture through the hide, from smooth to wrinkled
  • presence of marks and scars that animal obtains through its life spam
  • variation of color in 1-2 tones depending on the hide and area it represents


_Color may vary slightly due to shooting or lighting

**** IMPORTANT ******
_ Free of charge _ Quick release alloy watch pin and buckle sliver
_ Please be careful when ordering LUGS Width and BUCKLE Width, please measure and check for accuracy before ordering.
_ Be careful with the length of the strap, to get the correct length please measure the radius of your wrist and compare it with the list below then choose in the option when order .

***Length here is understood as the length of long strap (with hole) and short strap (side length with buckle).
_ for example 120-70, 120 is the hole part, 70 is the buckle part

******Backing material: Zermatt -France Leather
_The strap waterproof and sweat-proof leather lining material, completely natural and safe for users

Dimension correction is available upon request. Add comments to your order or message me.

*****It will take up to 15 working day to complete the strap and 3 to 5 weeks of shipping time.************

Width (mm)

19-16, 20-16, 20-18, 22-18, 22-20, Optional (Please send me message or describe in order note)

Length (mm)

70-110 (wrist size 15cm – 16.5cm), 75 – 115 (wrist size16cm – 18cm), 80 – 120cm (wrist size 17cm – 21cm), Optional (Please send me message or describe in order note)

Springbar type

Quick Release spring bar, Regular spring bar


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